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New Year

Cartoon Face Painter

We provide professional and high-quality face painting, body painting, birthday party, birthday speed drawing, holiday party, wedding party, pregnancy belly painting, company activities, happy market, shopping mall events, etc. 💕We also provide different classes for adults and children's cartoon body paint, parent-child class, speed drawing class and Cartoon class, etc.

Hosting service for birthday parties, from magician twisting balloons, flash tattoo face paint to making gifts for friends and to get the cartoon character sketches 🎉🎉 Special offers available for join two or more classes.  It will surely leave children with happy and unforgettable memories

The pigments and glitter we use are all major well-known face paint brands. International FDA and EU pigment quality standards approved.

All safe for children and pregnant mothers.

卡通face paint 面繪師

我們提供專業高質面部彩繪 身體彩繪 生日派對 生日Q版速畫 節日派對 婚禮彩繪 孕肚彩繪 公司活動 歡樂市集 商場events 等💕另提供不同興趣班 成人/儿童卡通face paint 親子班 Q版速畫班 卡通班等 

生日派對一站式服務 由魔術師 扭氣球 閃光紋身 face paint 到給朋友做禮物拿返屋企的Q版人物速畫 應有盡有🎉🎉選擇兩樣以上 仲有特別優惠 一定可以給小朋友留下歡樂難忘的回憶

我們用的顏料 閃粉等 全部都係外國face paint大品牌 合付國際FDA 歐盟色素品質標準 可以放心給小朋友 懷孕的媽媽使用😊

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